• Riccardo Radice

    Founder & chef | Restaurant Fishology
    Riccardo Radice


    Born in Italy twenty-six years ago, in Barcelona he worked in Michelin star restaurants such as Angle* and Nerua*. Now he runs, with Giulia Gabriele, his own restaurant, the groundbreaker Fishology.


    Showcooking | Exhibitor talks AMB/Barcelona City Council


    Riccardo Radice
    Riccardo Radice Restaurant Fishology Founder & chef
    Nuria Gustems
    Nuria Gustems GranBlau Founder

    09-11-2022 16:00 09-11-2022 17:00 Europe/Madrid Nose-to-tail

    Riccardo Radice, candidate in 2021as Catalan chef of the year, will explain how to make the most of every part of the fish by using ancestral and modern techniques. GranBlau, one of his fish suppliers, will be present at this event.

    Espai AMB/Ajuntament Barcelona
    Wed 9 16:00h - 17:00h Espai AMB/Ajuntament Barcelona