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    We're Smart® Future Awards 2022

    Gastronomic Forum Barcelona hosted, for the first time and with the support of We’re Smart World, a world reference organization, the award ceremony of the prestigious awards for the best restaurants in the world in the category of fruits and vegetables.

    Renowned international chefs such as René Mathieu, Xavier Pellicer, Tobias Lenaerts, Pietro Leemann, Rodrigo de la Calle and Emile van der Stak, among others, performed.

    Meet all the winners!

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    Cuiner 2022 Gastronomic Forum Barcelona

    Since 2009 the Cuiner Gastronomic Forum Barcelona award highlights the work of emerging chefs who offer quality culinary proposals that use local products, make a sustainable cuisine and disseminate these values. Six candidates pre-selected by a specialized jury, cooked a dish that identifies them and summarizes their cuisine.

    The winners of this edition are Fran Agudo (Mont Bar) and Lluc Quintana (Can Xapes).




    These awards recognise innovation in gastronomy. They include four categories: most innovative product, most creative packaging, the most original flavour and the most sustainable product.


    Josep Mercader Awards


    Awards that recognise the professional trajectory of chefs, enologists, head waiters, producers and disseminators of Catalan culinary culture.


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    This space has become an unmissable appointment for professional dessert and pastry chefs, with the aim of promoting restaurant pastries. Six candidates compete for the award for the best Restaurant Dessert & Pastry Chef and the Valhrona Award for the Best Restaurant Chocolate Dessert.

    The jury of the awards is made up of great professionals from the world of pastry and sweet cuisine: Jordi Roca, Oriol Balaguer, Jordi Butron, Xavi Donnay, Miquel Guarro and Ricardo Maiz.



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    VII Spanish Panettone Championship

    The event’s participants submit their panettones to the verdict of a jury who assess the appearance, cut, smell, texture, honeycomb structure and flavour of this typical Christmas Milanese sweetbread.

    The winner of the award for the best classic panettone (with fruits) is Daniel Jordà, from Panes Creativos (Barcelona).

    The winner of the award for the best chocolate panettone is Eric Ortuño, from L’Atelier (Barcelona).

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    Favorite dish of the Catalans

    The dish most voted by the readers of the magazine “Cuina”, among the twenty most typical celebration dishes in Catalan homes, was revealed. 

    The winner is Adrià Edo (Dit i Fet Restaurant) for the “Botifarra amb mongetes seques i allioli”. 

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    All the activities organised by Gastronomic Forum Barcelona are free of charge for all professional visitors to the event.