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Cuiner 2023


The Cuiner Gastronomic Forum Barcelona award, which was born in 2009, recognizes the work of emerging chefs who offer quality culinary proposals, using local products , and who are committed to sustainable cuisine. That is why, in addition to the Cuiner 2023 GFB award, the Cuiner Sostenible 2023 award was also given.

Six candidates, pre-selected through online voting and the criteria of a specialized jury, cook live a dish that identifies them and summarizes their cuisine.

The winners of the last were Martín Comamala (Cuiner 2023 GFB) and Gessamí Caramés (Cuinera Sostenible 2023).

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The InnoForum awards recognize the innovation in gastronomy of the exhibiting companies. They have seven categories:
  • Most innovative product
  • More creative and sustainable packaging
  • The most original flavor in salty foods
  • The most original flavor in sweet foods
  • The most original flavor in drinks
  • The most sustainable product
  • The product that contributes the most to the preservation of biodiversity

Josep Mercader Awards


The Mercader Awards are intended to recognize the work, individual or collective carried out, sometimes throughout a lifetime. They are the recognition of the work or legacy that these people have done or leave in different sectors of activity and in different social, economic and professional fields, related to gastronomy.

The categories are: Cuisine, Room, Wine, Producer (Countryside and Fishing sector), Training, Trade and Sustainable Restaurant.

Last edition winners were: La Cuina a Sils (Cuisine), Montse Solé (Room), René Barbier (Wine), Ramats de Foc (Countryside), Asociació de Dones de la Mar (Fishing), Escola Joviat, Escola d’Hostaleria de Girona i CETT (Training), Associació de Comerciants de la Boqueria (Trade) y Casa Nova (Sustainable Restaurant).

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International competition that was born in 2007 with the purpose of publicizing and promoting restaurant pastry with new techniques, ingredients and tools. It also aims to influence the dissemination and transmission of traditional pastry, always taking into account the new parameters that govern restaurant pastry.

The jury is made up of prestigious specialists such as Martín Berasategui, Jordi Butrón, José Carlos Capel, Yann Duytsche, Miquel Guarro, Júlia Pérez, Philippe Regol, Jordi Roca and Eric Verbauwhede.

Last edition winners were Alberto Montes, for Best Chocolate Restaurant Dessert and Mar Ibáñez, for Best Creative Dessert.

Martín Berasategui, the chef with the most Michelin Stars in Spain, recived the Pierre Gagnaire Award.

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Best Artisan Panettone and Best Chocolate Panettone in Spain 2023 Award

The competition is organized by the Gremio de Barcelona Pastry School. Its objective is to encourage and reward the knowledge and skills of artisan pastry chefs in the field of making panettone, thus recognizing the profession and quality of artisan pastry. of the country.

The jury takes into account the following criteria:

  • The appearance and shape
  • Baking and appearance of the glaze
  • The structure of the crumb and breakdown of the fruit
  • The smell and the taste.


VIII BEST ARTISAN PANETONE COMPETITION IN SPAIN 2023: Lluis Costa, from Vallflorida Xocolaters

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Plat favorit dels catalans

The event began with Marc Ribas, Òscar Broc and Judit Càlix and their talk “From Frankfurt to the gourmet snack”. 

Then, CUINA magazine announced which was the snack that arouses more passions among the catalans, chosen by readers and followers of the publication, from 12 initial proposals. 

The “Plat favorit dels catalans” of the 2023 edition was the biquini of La Bikineria.

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The Baker: Award for excellence in baking

Organized by the Baking School Barcelona Sabadell of the Gremi de Flequers of the Province of Barcelona.

With the aim of recognizing and giving prestige to the bakery profession, the last edition competition awarded Daniel Ramos for being the professional who demonstrated the best mastery in the execution of different bakery and pastry techniques.

The Baker also valued the contribution of new ideas for the application of bakery products in gastronomy, as well as the nutritional area, the demonstration of qualities in business and professional management of a bakery business, and the contribution to the social diffusion of bakery culture and values 

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Best Maître d'Hotel Award

Delivery of the Best Hotel Maître Awards organized by LaLola&Co and directed by Juanjo Martínez.

After a thorough selection process carried out by a specialized jury, there were 8 finalists competing: Hotel Spa Porta Maris by Melià (Alicante); Hotel Gran Mirador (Iberostar, Tenerife); Dolce Sitges Eurostars (Hotusa, Sitges); CoolRooms Palacio de Atocha (Madrid); Hotel Playa de Palma (Iberostar, Mallorca); Hotel Riu Plaza (Riu, Madrid); Gran Hotel Costa Meloneras (Lopesan, Gran Canaria); Hotel Alfonso V (by Vamuca, León).

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The future kitchen

Foodture Barcelona is the Innovation Summit in Food Design, Food Tech, Social Food and Sustainability, born in Barcelona in 2019.

In the last edition held within the framework of the GFB, the aim was to showcase the most disruptive food innovation in order to explore and define new trends.

Foodture Barcelona highlights and brings together the creative minds that are leading the change in the global food order. Proposals that are perceived as utopian but are already a reality.

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All the activities organised by Gastronomic Forum Barcelona are free of charge for all professional visitors to the event.

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