• Contractor Area

    Operational, Technical and Logistical Regulations of the show

    Check all the operational, technical and logistical information to facilitate your participation in Gastronomic Forum Barcelona.

    For more technical informations consult the Fira Barcelona Policy.

    The online registration platform for contractors and service personnel

    Get access passes to the venue for you or your entire team during assembly and dismantling

    The platform, which is the best way to request passes, also allows you to retrieve them at any time, or send them to your team members.

    You only have to register for the first time, from then on and with the same user name, you can request access to the different editions of the same trade fair or to other Alimentaria Exhibitions S.A. / Fira de Barcelona trade fairs.

    Platform available from 1 October. Accreditation validation will start on 28 October.

    Registration process

    #1 Access the platform

    1. Contractor's pass valid during assembly and dismantling

    Select your pass (#A) and create your account. If you already have a username because you have logged in before, log in directly (#B).

    * Special passes with code

    If you have a code that gives you access to the special passes, enter it in the checkbox (#C) and validate it.

    #2 Apply for your or your team members' pass

    1. Enter your details (#A) and exhibitor’s details (Name and stand) (#B).
    2. Credit your entire team in the option: “If you need to accredit more users” (#C)
      • You will need the following information from the new user: name, surname and DNI (NIE / Passport).
      • Enter their e-mail address if you want them to receive the pass via e-mail.
      • If you are already a user of previous editions or another trade fair, you don’t need to register your team again. Retrieve the list on the platform and select the members who will participate in the assembly and dismantaling of this trade fair.

    #3 Don't forget to accept the conditions of participation!

    Accept the Privacy Policy and the mandatory daily waste removal and click Continue.

    #4 And finally, verify your details

    Check that the details entered are correct, download the occupational hazard information document for full details and accept the terms. If everything is OK, all you have to do is click on the confirmation option. If you identify any errors, correct them using the back option.

    * You have finished your accreditation request, in the email you have received we will inform you of the start date of the validation process.

    Validation process

    Alimentaria Exhibitions S.A. / Fira Barcelona will review your application and will contact you to inform you whether it has been approved or denied:

    1. Approved application: you will receive an email with the pass attached, valid during assembly and dismanteling. Access the venue with your digital pass: download or print it from the email you will receive with the attached document.
    2. Application denied: you will receive an email stating that your application does not meet the necessary requirements. If you have any questions, please contact us through the contact telephone number that appears in the rejected application email.

    Sustainability Assembly

    Consult the Sustainable Participation Guide and find all the information you need to make your visit to Gastronomic Forum Barcelona sustainable and environmentally friendly.

    Can we help?

    If you have encountered any complications or have any questions, please contact or call the call centre: 902 233 200 | 932 332 000