Jordi Vilà

Chef | Alkimia (* Michelin)Spain
Jordi Vilà


From his restaurant Alkimia, and its informal brother, AlKostat (located next door), Vilà sets out his vision of where Catalan and Barcelona cuisine should be heading, contributing to the evolution of the classic recipe book and thus winning the three Repsol Suns.


Round table | ForumLab Barcelona Sustainable Food 2021 The restaurant will be sustainable or it won't be

Is a sustainable restaurant viable? From utopia to reality

Jordi Vilà
Jordi VilàAlkimia (* Michelin)Chef
María Diago
María DiagoGuía SustentableDirector/editor
Felipe Turell
Felipe TurellMO de MovimientoCreator and co-director
Philippe Regol
Philippe RegolObservación GastronómicaGastronomic critic
Pere Carrió
Pere CarrióGat Blauchef
19-10-2021 17:3019-10-2021 18:30Europe/MadridIs a sustainable restaurant viable? From utopia to reality

Interventions by restaurateurs and chefs who have demonstrated the viability and profitability of conceptual and management models that seemed utopian.

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