Towards Zero Impact

In order to reduce the environmental impact of our trade shows and make more sustainable events, at Gastronomic Forum Barcelona we carry out different actions.

We are aware that it is necessary to implement sustainable measures to fight climate change aiming to set an example for our sector.

Towards Zero Impact (TZI) is a project that contributes to the implementation of all kinds of measures in relation to sustainability, both on an environmental and social level, in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs set an agenda of goals for the year 2030 and aim to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all.

Zero Waste and Recycling

Zero Waste is an initiative that aims to generate less waste during events and its recycling. Among the actions developed in this area, we highlight:

Installation of recycling islands for the separation and selective collection of waste into 3 fractions

100% digital invoicing

Badge, lanyard and pass holder collection at the exit of the venue

All media printed on recycled paper with the FSC label

Zero Plastic

Zero Plastic is an initiative that focuses on the reduction and elimination of all types of single-use plastics throughout the venue:

Cardboard pass holder

Disposal of single-use plastics in the trade show restaurants

CO2 reduction

We travel in a greener way

Whenever possible, our speakers and hosted buyers will travel by train rather than by plane in order to reduce the environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions of their journeys.

Public transport discount

To reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and encourage the use of public transport to move around the city, we offer a 10% discount on the purchase of the Hola Barcelona Travel Card.

Food collection

In the fight against food waste and for the recovery of the surplus of the trade show, we reaffirm our collaboration with the Fundació Banc dels Aliments. Their volunteers will be promoting their supply programme, designed to manage the stocks of food from the agro-food industry that is consumable but not marketable, and which can be distributed to people in a precarious food situation.

Banc dels Aliments collected 1,500 kg of food.

Sustainable Food ForumLab Barcelona

Sustainability is the great paradigm of the future and has become a fundamental factor for the food industry, distribution, retail, and the mass consumer sector in general.

The agri-food system is key to climate change because approximately a third of greenhouse effect emissions originate from Food production.

For this reason, sustainability has been the protagonist of the ForumLab Barcelona Sustainable Food 2021, a laboratory of ideas where digitalization, management, and business financing will be the main top points.

This project has the collaboration of the Barcelona City Council, since in parallel to Gastronomic Forum Barcelona there was all around the city a Week of activities related to art, culture, music, and the debate on sustainable food. One of them was the 7th Global Forum for the Milan Pact, from October 19th to 21st, in which 200 participating cities will commit to develop sustainable, fair, and healthy agri-food models.

Sustainability Partners