Sustainability is the great paradigm of the future. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by the United Nations has become cross-cutting and interdisciplinary in industry, agriculture, tourism, science, culture and society as a whole.

Sustainability has become a key factor for the food industry, distribution, retail and the consumer goods sector in general. It has done so from the perspective of food and beverage manufacturers, the sourcing of raw materials, the processing and manufacturing of products, and the delivery of these products to our homes.

The agri-food system is key to climate change because approximately one third of greenhouse gas emissions come from food production. Moreover, recent studies indicate that 80% of Spaniards value positively the involvement of food brands in environmental issues.

For this reason, in this edition Gastronomic Forum Barcelona is committed to sustainability and sustainable food as the central axis of all its activities.

In addition, Gastronomic Forum Barcelona will be attended by large companies committed to sustainability and small artisan producers of local and Km0 products grouped in Espai Catalunya under the umbrella of Prodeca, Diputació de Barcelona and Diputació de Girona.

Sustainable Food Week

Because both the way we produce and consume is becoming increasingly responsible and respectful of the planet, Fira de Barcelona is organising a Sustainable Food Week in which, together with Gastronomic Forum Barcelona, the Alimentaria FoodTech and Hispack trade shows will be held, dedicated to equipment, food technology and packaging, respectively.

Both events will also be focused on sustainability and will be held at the Gran Via Venue from October 19th to the 22nd. An initiative that also aims to reduce the environmental impact of our trade fairs and make events more sustainable.

Global Forum of the Urban Food Policy Pact in Milan

Significantly, the trade shows will coincide with the celebration in Barcelona of the Global Forum of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, from October 19th to the 21st, an international recognition supported by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), in which 200 participating cities commit themselves to developing sustainable, fair and healthy agri-food models.