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Philippe Regol


Round table | ForumLab Barcelona Sustainable Food 2021 The restaurant will be sustainable or it won't be

Is a sustainable restaurant viable? From utopia to reality

Jordi Vilà
Jordi VilàAlkimia (* Michelin)Chef
María Diago
María DiagoGuía SustentableDirector/editor
Felipe Turell
Felipe TurellMO de MovimientoCreator and co-director
Philippe Regol
Philippe RegolObservación GastronómicaGastronomic critic
Pere Carrió
Pere CarrióGat Blauchef
19-10-2021 17:3019-10-2021 18:30Europe/MadridIs a sustainable restaurant viable? From utopia to reality

Interventions by restaurateurs and chefs who have demonstrated the viability and profitability of conceptual and management models that seemed utopian.

Hall 8 - ForumLab Barcelona Alimentació Sostenible
Tue 19 17:30h - 18:30h ForumLab Barcelona Alimentació Sostenible Free