Pedro Rascón

Pedro Rascón


Pedro Rascón was proclaimed Champion of Spain in 2013 and reached 8th place in the World Flair Bartender category. 

Creator of the "Aero-Flair" teaching technique, Pedro has been one of the most renowned cocktail and flair trainers since 2010.


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Cutting-edge cocktails to stand out from the competition

Adal Márquez
Adal MárquezBoadasHeadBartender
Pedro Rascón
Pedro RascónBartender
19-10-2021 16:4519-10-2021 17:30Europe/MadridCutting-edge cocktails to stand out from the competition

Cocktail culture is booming and is constantly growing and evolving.


Adal Márquez from the reinvented classic cocktail bar and Pedro Rascón from the flairbartending cocktail bar will illustrate how the modern adaptation of classic techniques and working methods, as well as the use of specific tools, can bring great changes and improvements, including innovation, creativity and of course professionalism, quality and productivity to all styles of cocktail bar.


The art of mixology, the rituals of preparation and the bartender's gestures not only affect the quality of the drink itself, but also influence the customer's perception of a unique experience, which in turn will have an impact on the success of the establishment able to offer this "select service" and thus differentiate and stand out from the competition.

Hall 8 - Taller 2 / Ágora
Tue 19 16:45h - 17:30h Taller 2 / Ágora Free