• Olga García & Alejandro Paz –

    Maitre & Chef | Fuentelgato Spain
    Olga García & Alejandro Paz -


    After training at the Escuela de Hostelería de Valencia they worked in good kitchens until they decided to open a small restaurant where they cook what they like and how they like it. A seasonal cuisine based on improvisation and making the most of the season.


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    Heroic cuisine in the highlands of Cuenca

    Olga García & Alejandro Paz -
    Olga García & Alejandro Paz - Fuentelgato Maitre & Chef
    Carme Gasull
    Carme Gasull Journalist
    Anna Riera
    Anna Riera Journalist

    09-11-2022 12:30 09-11-2022 13:00 Europe/Madrid Heroic cuisine in the highlands of Cuenca

    Olga and Alejandro will explain how, with enthusiasm and effort, they managed to live and work at a different pace, on their own, in a town of barely 200 inhabitants, working alone and dividing the functions in the dining room and kitchen

    Wed 9 12:30h - 13:00h Auditori Free