Ingrid Buera

Business Area Director | MercabarnaSpain
Ingrid Buera


Ingrid Buera has a degree in Journalism and a diploma in Management Development from EADA Business School. In 2012 she was appointed Operations Manager at Mercabarna (2013-2015) and since November 2015 she has held the position of Business Area Manager.


Round table | ForumLab Barcelona Sustainable Food 2021 Sustainable production, trade and distribution

Green trade and sustainable distribution (I)

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Ingrid Buera
Ingrid BueraMercabarnaBusiness Area Director
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19-10-2021 13:3019-10-2021 14:30Europe/MadridGreen trade and sustainable distribution (I)

Bloc split into two sessions to allow for an extensive presentation of various models of green retail trade and producers' markets, as well as sustainable distribution.

13.30-14.30 : Municipal Markets towards Sustainable Food

Hall 8 - ForumLab Barcelona Alimentació Sostenible
Tue 19 13:30h - 14:30h ForumLab Barcelona Alimentació Sostenible Free