Felipe Celis

Specialist in sustainable gastronomy | CETT-UBSpain
Felipe Celis


Lecture followed by round table | ForumLab Barcelona Sustainable Food 2021 The restaurant will be sustainable or it won't be

Zero waste, economic factor, environmental impact

Ada Parellada
Ada ParelladaSempronianaChef
Isabel Coderch
Isabel CoderchTe lo sirvo verde (Consultancy in sustainable catering and hospitality)Founder
Mireia Barba
Mireia BarbaEspigoladorsCo-founding partner and director
Felipe Celis
Felipe CelisCETT-UBSpecialist in sustainable gastronomy
Pol Bernat
Pol BernatToo Good To GoHoreca Key Account Manager
18-10-2021 13:5018-10-2021 14:40Europe/MadridZero waste, economic factor, environmental impactHall 8 - ForumLab Barcelona Alimentació Sostenible
Mon 18 13:50h - 14:40h ForumLab Barcelona Alimentació Sostenible Free