• Ekaitz Apraiz

    Chef Executive | Tunateca Spain
    Ekaitz Apraiz


    He is a great expert in bluefin tuna, to which he has devoted years of research in conjunction with Balfegó's R&D department. He is currently the executive chef of Tunateca, a restaurant that has been committed to sustainability for years.


    Talk | Auditorium The transforming power of cooking

    Gastroutopia, cuisine within everyone’s reach

    Ekaitz Apraiz
    Ekaitz Apraiz Tunateca Chef Executive
    Diego Valdivieso
    Diego Valdivieso Cascanueces Chef
    Lara Martín
    Lara Martín Mina (* Michelin) Maître
    Carlos Cano
    Carlos Cano SER Journalist

    07-11-2022 11:30 07-11-2022 12:00 Europe/Madrid Gastroutopia, cuisine within everyone’s reach

    The chefs will explain how, thanks to the commitment of more than a hundred cooks from Bizkaia, several projects will be launched, including the opening of the 'Utopia' restaurant in the center of Bilbao, which aims to provide the opportunity to live a decent dining experience to all people, whether they can afford it or not. The Bisubi Foundation is an innovative project in terms of sustainability and social justice.

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